“– The life of the worlds is a roaring river, but Earth’s is a pond and a backwater.

– The sign of doom is written on your brows – how long will ye kick against the pin-pricks?

– But there is one conquest and one crown, one redemption and one solution.

– Know yourselves – be infertile and let the earth be silent after ye.”

Moto X 的制胜点

经历了多个月以来的谣传和谍照,Moto X 终于向公众揭开面纱。这是摩托罗拉移动部门被 Google 收购后的首款旗舰机,也被认为是决定摩托罗拉成败的关键。

在竞争激烈的智能机市场,Moto X 找到了独具特色,又充满“人情味”的制胜点。