Jasmine Warga - My Heart and Other Black Holes

A short review of My Heart and Other Black Holes.

I happened to be undergoing a mental breakdown when I read this book. I also happened to think a good read might help me escape the cruelty of real life and cheers me up. Although, this book had done a very good job fullfilling my wishes. It keeps sending this misleading signal that you have to be lucky to get rid of depression, to be lucky enough to find an SO. And this special person had to 'get' it ( meaning he/she is as fucked up as you are ), and 'love' will eventually wipe away the sadness clouded over your head.

Obviously these two suicide partners got nothing in common, one is a teenage girl who loves physics and classical music and seems to be invisible to her peers and almost despised by them; another is this handsome ex-basketball star who gives zero fuck about science or music with depth. And yet they clicked, in a very short period of time and within twenty days they were talking about love and saving each other. In reality it's never like that, to change one's apperception often takes years or even a lifetime, and it will never be single-handedly done by someone who loves you (it has to be YOU).

The irony in this book is, while author encourages teenagers who have suicidal thoughts reach out for help, the cure of her characters actually came from this forum where suicidal people met and 'took the plunge'. How else could she found the right one? The motives behind these two characters are often quite unconvincing, and I fear for any teen who read this story would reply upon the tiny hope that is nonexistence.

'One spark can change everything.' Had I noticed the tagline on the cover I wouldn't even get my hands on this book. It's not like this story happened at a gas station. 

If you want to read a YA book similar to The Fault in Our Stars and have a happier ending, this can be the choice, since these kinds of stories have always been about authors' emotional manipulation skills and never about being realistic anyway. Noted, the main characters in My Heart are not even half as likable as the two in The Fault, the same with its heart-warming effect.