“– The life of the worlds is a roaring river, but Earth’s is a pond and a backwater.

– The sign of doom is written on your brows – how long will ye kick against the pin-pricks?

– But there is one conquest and one crown, one redemption and one solution.

– Know yourselves – be infertile and let the earth be silent after ye.”


So... Swans, 本来是抱着看现场会改变我对他们专辑看法的心情去的,没想到还是欣赏不能。耳塞带着(不是那种廉价的泡沫耳塞)听不清,不戴耳塞又太响。从第一首歌开始就觉得太 repetitive,就算有高潮也是 repetitive 的高潮。Swans 看上去像几个 angry grandpas,印象比较深的是全能打击乐手 Thor Harris, 真的,没人比他更适合这个名字了。

“白饭神偷”的对决:普乐 vs 名人

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